You and your team have found yourselves trapped on a pirate ship. As soon as the dreaded pirate, Captain Skully, and his crew aren't looking you will have one hour to make your way through the ship to find his treasure and escape before he returns. Hurry and get your "booty" off his ship!

It’s your first day as a scientist. When an experi-ment goes wrong in this top-secret government test facility, you and your team are the only thing preventing a worldwide outbreak. Can you solve the override system before it's too late?

You have infiltrated the hideout of a known operative that is working for a secret organization who is trying to steal the secret formula to pure energy. Your mission is to intercept that exchange and get it back to headquarters. Is "The Mission" possible with your team?

Dr. Gene Etics is a genetic scientist who is trying to cross man with beast. His assistant is morally conflicted. So the doctor has locked him in a cell. If you can't rescue him in an hour, the Doctor will also make a monkey out of you!

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