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Having now done over 50 escape rooms, I've got to say Xcape Adventures is still one of my faves. We've done Game Over and Steampunk (both now closed), and Captain Skully and Dr Gene Etics. Though Steampunk is still my fave, we really liked Dr Gene too. What I love about this place is there is ALWAYS a fun surprise. When you do a lot of escape rooms, you start to see the same mechanics over and over, but there's still always something unexpected in each of their rooms. Looking forward to finishing off the last 2 rooms, and hoping they have more room ideas in the works. - Mindi A.



I've done over 50 escape rooms around the world and most here in the DFW area, and you can't go wrong with Xcape Adventures. They incorporate a lot of unique, fun challenges in their rooms with cool tech as well. - Art Noxon



Definitely a Hidden Gem!!!

1. Family owned and Family Friendly!

2. Staff is super friendly and accommodating.

3. Rooms are very well laid out and several puzzles to keep you busy the whole time.

4. Don't let the fact it is in Mesquite fool you. This place is better than many of the escape rooms we have been to in Dallas, Plano and San Antonio.

5. We will definitely go back and try more rooms.

6. DO NOT PASS THIS PLACE UP!!!!!!!!!!! - John Fair



I've been to 3 of their rooms, and they are all fantastic - the best in the area! (I've been to 4 other companies in DFW, and a total of 10 rooms.) Steampunk was my favorite until I experienced Captain Skully. It is AMAZING! I love how much effort they put into their decorations and theme of the room. The puzzles are well thought out and interactive. I loved the Captain Skully room so much I'm actually taking people back it just so I can watch them try and solve it. - Jennifer Cannon



I highly recommend Xcape! I have completed 5 of their rooms and they are currently building two more that should be finished soon... Hooray! I have tried three other escape room companies in the area and nothing compares to Xcape. The rooms are well thought out and you truly feel like you are emerged in the theme of the room. You don't get the feeling you are in an office building like you do in other escape rooms. The people that work at Xcape are so nice and have an excitement about them that sets them apart from other escape rooms. They promptly respond to emails and were accommodating when I wanted to add an extra person to our group one time. You HAVE to try Xcape! - Herry Bearr



This place is the best. Its very family friendly. They are always very helpful. The rooms are amazing. I am not sure how they think this stuff up. It has just the right amount of everything. I really would recommend this to everyone. You have to try. I have done all the rooms that they have had and everyone I take with me can not stop telling me how much fun they had. Everyone always wants to be included on the next one. I can not wait until the spy and contagion rooms are finished. If you have not gone, GO! - Will Blogs


We visited Xcape Adventures for a company employee recognition outing and everyone had a BLAST!! Aubrey was such a pleasure to work with and answered all of my questions in a very prompt and courteous manner. My initial contact with Xcape Adventures was via email to get information for our event. Aubrey answered all of my hundred and one questions and furthermore, was very flexible with our schedule. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted and were given clear direction and briefed on how the flow of the activities were going to proceed. They have several rooms to go into and the rooms did not disappoint. They were set up with great detail and it really was challenging, albeit fun, to find all the clues and get through the "adventure". We definitely look forward to booking for our next event in the near future and I personally, look forward to booking a fun event for me and my friends!

Loved the service, staff, and overall experience. Thank you Xcape Adventures!! - Priscilla Cazares



I have been to escape rooms all around the state and nothing even comes CLOSE to these. We've done 3 of the rooms now and I could not them recommend more! - Chris Mathews



My friends and I regularly go to escape rooms all throughout the DFW area. Out of all the locations we've been to, this location has been the most consistently innovative and fun. The owners clearly put a lot of effort into designing their rooms, finding ways to break away from the traditional "find twenty 4-digit-lock codes". A very immersive experience, with fair yet satisfying puzzles. - Andrew Shirley



Awesome! Highly recommend. We have been to several different escape rooms and this one is the best! Innovative rooms and awesome owners/staff. We have been in 5 of their rooms and they were all amazing! - Robby Dane



Highest production values of any escape room I've visited. Challenging, fun, exciting, and delivers on every promise of what an escape room should be. - Matt Robbins



The production value of these escape rooms have been the best that I have seen so far. The rooms are very well laid out and the clues flow really well. I will definitely be back to try all the rooms at some point. - Kenali English



We visited Xcape Adventures for a team building event with our international and US team members. We used Steampunk, Captain Skully and Game Over - and had an absolute blast! Each team had a great time in their respective room! I will be coming back soon with friends and family and can't wait to try a different room - my team did Steampunk. Each room was very well put together, and definitely inspired a "team building" experience to be able to figure it out! - DeAnna Mansell





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