Xcape Adventures' real-life escape rooms encourage your employees to work together effectively as a team, particularly by means of problem solving. Teams are organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to solve a series of interactive clues and puzzles in an immersive environment.


Our rooms are designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation. We know that the most valuable tool a business can have is that of good communication skills. Xcape Adventures opens up the opportunity for your team to hone in on those skills forcing them to share information under the pressure of a ticking clock.


In addition to communication skills being of great value to your company, we also know the importance of having unity in the workplace. "Teams who play together work well together" - we think is how it goes. At any rate, having to work together to accomplish a successful escape indeed promotes unity.


What is an Escape Room?


Imagine a room in which you and your co-workers are the game piece and the board is your environment. From the sound of steam expelling from rusty pipes, to ambient noises, you must use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and exit the room within an hour of entering.

The rooms at Xcape Adventures are designed to be both challenging and entertaining with interactive puzzles, hidden objects, secret areas and cool effects. All of this is combined with an immersive environment in order to put you and your co-workers in the game.


Xcape Adventures is a unique form of entertainment and the ideal place for building up your workmates or unifying your friends or family. Communication is the "key" to your escape!


To see how Xcape Adventures can accomodate your small or large group, email us today at info@XcapeDFW.com or call us directly at 972-982-2073




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